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What is Hapful?
Hapful is a website that does two things: First, Hapful sends customers to your blog -- by listing your products and giving a direct link to your blog post for each item listed. Second, Hapful helps you manage listings for things you sell on your blog. It handles the checkout, keeps track of the customers and their orders, and keeps a record of all your products.
How Does Hapful Work?
Hapful works by creating javascript for you to put into your blog post. You upload a photo of your product or service to hapful, state the price, enter your inventory (so you don't sell more than you have), write the description. Then Hapful will generate javascript for your blog post. You copy and paste the javascript into your blog post where you want the product to appear and magically, it will show the picture, price and description with a checkout button. IMPORTANT: You should also write about the product in your blog post itself because search engines will pick it up better when you do. After you finish saving the blog post, open the post to see how it looks. The javascript will automatically register the url of your blog post and create a link to it on hapful. The link will display the title of your product listing, so make sure the title is very descriptive, just as you would on other sites like ebay.
How Does Hapful Help Me Manage My Selling?
Hapful helps you manage your selling in two ways: 1. Hapful keeps track of your products for sale. Even if you are no longer selling a product, Hapful will keep the record for you in case you make another to sell. Hapful will keep the description, the photo, the title, everything so you are ready to go again. 2. Hapful keeps track of all your customers for you. After a customer buys from you, you can always check the record of the transaction on Hapful. 3. Hapful keeps track of all your orders for all your products.